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Born in Cologne, Germany, third generation in a family of renowned artists, Simone Bingemer has specialized in portrait art since 1993. The desire to express herself creatively, to work with pencils and colors defined her early childhood. Equipped with this extraordinary talent she was therefore, aged 16, the youngest pupil to enroll at the Art Academy of Cologne.

After graduating in 1975 she worked as an illustrator Europe-wide for various international agencies. In 1995 Simone Bingemer focused her profession entirely on portrait painting, a wish long-cherished. Her psychological intuition, her unique trove of ideas, coupled with the professional dexterity of her craft, are manifested in her pictures that express a special, large vividness.

"Resemblance lies in the eye of the viewer. There is no such thing - an exact similarity between image and model. Portraits are therefore always interpretations."

The initial stage of finding her inspiration for the picture is intensely crucial. Plenty of photographs are taken, from a selection of which a sketch is then made that is finally transferred in enlarged form on to her paper. During photo shooting personal dialogues render for a short while an atmosphere of privacy and closeness, the direct contact to the model and his/her environment that is integral for the conception of the idea and subsequent making of the portrait.

Such is how portraits ensue in which the character of a person is accentuated with a few requisites and subtle coloring, and yet with which the viewer is confronted with a secret. Her ability to create "not just portraits" but also "pictures" have won her much recognition amongst clients both at home and abroad. Amongst numerous nominations and prizes she was awarded in 2001 1st Prize in the portrait category of an international pastels competition.

Simone Bingemer lives with her three children in Cologne, where she also has her studio. 07/2003

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