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As a portrait artist my intention is to paint and create from my Inner Self, portraying the highest qualities, capturing the essence of a person particularly through the mystique of the eyes.
—Kerri Gibbs

In 1980, Kerri completed her Private School Education in the "Land Down Under", Australia, to begin an Apprenticeship with Australia's leading Illustrator.

In 1983, at 21, she began her freelance career in the Advertising Industry, winning National and International Awards.

In 1992, while still residing in Australia, New York Art Buyers, Hankins &Tegenborg LTD., began representing her as a figurative portrait painter in the Book Publishing Industry.

David Letterman, right, displays a painting of himself with Oprah Winfrey and Regis Philbin on the set of 'The Late Show, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005, in New York. The portrait was painted during Monday's Late Show by artist Kerri Gibbs. Talk Show host Regis Philbin, left, is commenting on the size of his portrait in the picture that is just under Letterman's index finger. Kerri was only given a phenomenal 45 minutes to complete the portrait. (Photo copyright © 2006, The Associated Press)

In 1995, determined to "make it in the Big Apple", she moved to New York City and was granted Permanent Residency in the US for "Extraordinary Ability". Figurative painting being her inspiration she simultaneously began establishing herself in the field of Portraiture.

In 1998, after portrait painting for ten years and basically self taught, Kerri began studying with leading portrait artist, James Childs. Followed by renowned portrait painter Nelson Shanks, at The Art Students League of New York.

In 1999, Leon Loard Commissioned Portraits of Birmingham, Alabama began representing her. She also became a member of the "American Society of Portrait Artists".

In 2001, Jeff Koons, leading Contemporary Pop artist, employed her as his primary figurative oil painter for his large ( 9x6 ft / 8x11 ft ) representational work.

In 2003, Portraits South of Raleigh, North Carolina also began representing her.

In 2004 - Accepted by Portraits North (Francesca Anderson Fine Art) in Massachusetts, Portrait Consultants in New York and Portrait Brokers of America in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dedicated to her flourishing portraiture career, Kerri is busy pleasing her clients with "alive" portrayals of loved ones.

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