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Dr. James A. Hallock 
Brody Medical School
East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina   
Irene Bailey
Dr. James A. Hallock
Brody Medical School, East Carolina
University, North Carolina

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Dr. Robert Kimura
Leading U.S. Researcher of the Inner Ear
Dr. James A. Hallock
Brody Medical School 
East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina
James A. Hallock, M.D.
Brody Medical School 
East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina
Dr. Stephen W. Thomas, former Dean
The College of Allied Health Sciences
East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina
Col. Charles R. Fisher, Jr.
Retired Commander
U.S. School of Aerospace Medicine
Igor Babailov Irene Bailey Irene Bailey Irene Bailey Anna Rose Bain
Dr. John T. Harrington, Former Dean
Tufts University School of Medicine
Boston, Massachusetts
 Dr. John G. Clarkson
University of Miami Medical School
Miami, Florida
Dr. Edwin L. Overholt
Gundrsen Clinic
Dr. Mark Dahl
University of Minnesota Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
William Eugene Mayberry, M.D.
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota
Allan R. Banks Allan R. Banks Margaret Baumgaertner Margaret Baumgaertner Margaret Baumgaertner
Dr. Larry A. Hoover 
 Chair, Neck & Spine Surgery 
 University of Kansas Medical Center 
 Kansas City, Kansas
Lanny R. Copeland, M. D.
Past President, American Academy of Physicians
Dallas, Texas
Frank Lloyd, M.D.
Methodist Hospital
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. George Compton
Community Hospital
Panayotis Iastridis, M.D.
Indiana University Medical School Northwest
Gary, Indiana
David Beal June Blackstock Michael Chelich Michael Chelich Michael Chelich
Wallace T. Miller Sr. M.D., Radiology
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dr. R. Nick Bryan, M.D., Ph.D.
Collection of Penn Medicine
Department of Radiology
Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Alan R. Nelson, M.D, Former CEO
American College of Physicians
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Marvin Gillam, M.D.
Memphis, Tennessee
Ellen Cooper Ellen Cooper Ellen Cooper Mary Villon de Benveniste John de la Vega
Dr. Harry Schenck, M.D.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Helen Coley Nauts, Founder
Cancer Research Institute
New York, New York
Dorothy Collins Torbert
Baylor University Medical Center
Dallas, Texas
Dominick Protomastro
Former President & CEO
Philips Medical, New York, New York
Dr. Byrum Bush
Daniel Duffy Susan Boone Durkee Susan Boone Durkee Susan Boone Durkee Connie Erickson
Dennis Stohler, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. Jess Ting
New York, New York
Dr. Ruth O'Regan
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. P. Saanich Hospital
Medical Device Pioneers of Silicon Valley
Collection, Silicon Valley Luminary Society
Geoffrey Geary Kerri Gibbs Lisa Gleim David Goatley Terry Guyer
Dr. Richard Wagman, Internal Medicine
Brooklyn, New York
Dr. William Tasman, Ophthalmologist
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Stanley Goldfarb, M.D.
President, College of Physicians
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dr. Frederick A. Jakobiec
Director,David G. Cogan Laboratory of Ophthalmic Pathology at Massachusetts Eye & Ear
Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Frederick A. Jakobiec, Director
David G. Cogan Laboratory of Ophthalmic Pathology
Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Boston, Massachusetts
Cynthia Harris-Pagano Garth Herrick Garth Herrick Frank Interrante Frank Interrante
Dr. David W. Lewis Jr., D.D.S.
Dr. Filippone
Kevin Carey, M.D., President
Guthrie Healthcare System
Sayre, Pennsylvania
Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans
Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans Center for Health Education
Duke University School of Medicine
Durham, North Carolina
Saul J. Farber, M.D., MACP
Dean, New York University School of Medicine
Provost, New York University Medical Center
President Emeritus, American College of Physicians
Barbara Lewis Jonathan Linton Ying-He Liu Ying-He Liu Ying-He Liu
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Dr. Norman Bein, M.D., FACS
St. Louis, Missouri
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Dr. John Leonard
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Nashville, Tennessee
Dr. John Leonard
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Nashville, Tennessee
Dana Lombardo Heather Marcus Paul W. McCormack Jamie Lee McMahan Jamie Lee McMahan
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Professor Benjamin Sheares
Former President of Singapore
Distinguished Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Ken Wallen M.D.
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Dr Arthur P. Wheeler
Professor of Medicine
Longtime director, Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Adult Medical Intensive Care Unit
Nashville, Tennessee
Jamie Lee McMahan Lei Q. Min Lei Q. Min Lei Q. Min Michael Shane Neal
Dr. Bradley Smith
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, Tennessee
Lee E. Smith, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Professor of Surgery Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.
Director of Colon & Rectal Surgery
Washington Hospital Center
Washington, D.C.
 Dr. Megan Shields
Los Angeles, California
Dr. David Wellington
Dr. Melvin Shipp, Dean
College of Optometry
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
Michael Shane Neal Mary Reilly Jessica Rockwell Michele Rushworth Michele Rushworth
Dr. Kenneth J. Emonds, Ph.D.
Dr. Mark Siegel
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Daniel T. Cloud, MD
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix, Arizona
 Melvin Cohen, M.D.
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix, Arizona
Allan W. Lobb, M.D.  Swedish Hospital
Ed Salazar Chris Saper Chris Saper Chris Saper Margaret Holland Sargent
William Hutchinson, M.D.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, Washington
Jules S. Stein, Founder & CEO
Jules Stein Eye Institute
Los Angeles, California
Reggie Harris, M.D.
Medical Mutual Insurance Company
Raleigh, North Carolina
Dr. William Dunlap
Raleigh Medical Group
Samuel Cranford
Chairman, Board of Directors
Randolph Hospital
Asheboro, North Carolina
Margaret Holland Sargent Margaret Holland Sargent Michelle Snead Johanna Spinks Johanna Spinks
Dr. James H. Peedin Jr., Posthumous
Pender County Memorial Hospital Collection
Wilmington, North Carolina
Dr. Lawrence Lundy
Gretchen Diemer, M.D.
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Alan Cohen, M.D.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jerry Grunwald, M.D.
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Johanna Spinks Susan Strauss Alexandra Tyng Alexandra Tyng Alexandra Tyng
Dr. Richard Tavernetti
San Francisco, California
 W. Stuart Smith, Executive Director
MUSC Medical Center
Charleston, South Carolina
Earl Zimmerman, M.D.
Professor of Neurology
Albany Medical College
Albany, New York
Dr. M. Bruce Shields, M.D.
World-renowned Authority on Glaucoma
Victor Joseph Dzau, M.D., President
National Academy of Medicine
Isabel Wadsworth John Seibels Walker Robert Francis Whelan Richard Whitney, PhD.H Richard Whitney, PhD.H
Dr. J. William Littler
World Renowned Hand Surgeon 
Founding Member, American Society for Surgery of the Hand
Roosevelt Hospital
New York, New York
Claude Hitchcock, Chief of Surgery
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ellie Tilson, Executive Director
Hospital Workers Union 1199
Steven Bunney, M.D.
Chairman, Department of Psychiatry
Yale School of Medicine
New Haven, Connecticut
Richard Whitney, PhD.H Cyd Wicker Lois Woolley Gerald P. York

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