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President George H. W. BushLouis Stokes, U.S. Congressman, State of OhioThe Honorable Gary F. Locke
36th U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Washington, D.C. 
Scott Wallace Johnston
President George H. W. Bush
Robert Hartshorn
Louis Stokes, U.S. Congressman
State of Ohio
Michele Rushworth
The Honorable Gary F. Locke
36th U.S. Secretary of Commerce

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The Honorable Sidney J. Barthelemy
Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana
Former U.S. Ambassador Philip P. Lader
Rudolph William Louis (Rudy) Giuliani
107th Mayor of New York City
Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
President Vladimir Putin
Coni Belleau Adams Betsy Ashton Igor Babailov Igor Babailov Igor Babailov
John E. Lange
Former U.S Ambassador to Botswana
Joe Micallef
Council General of Malta
Colin Powell
U. S. Secretary of State
James A. Baker III, Former Secretary of State
Lawrence Eagleburger
Former Secretary of State
U.S. State Department
Washington, D.C.
Anna Rose Bain Margaret Baumgaertner Margaret Baumgaertner Ned Bittinger Ned Bittinger
The Honorable Jon Stevens Corzine
54th Governor of New Jersey, 2006 - 2010
The Honorable Griffin B. Bell
Former U.S. Attorney General
The Honorable John H. Chichester, Senator
Chairman, Senate Finance Committee
State of Virginia
The Honorable V. Earl Dickinson, Chair
House Appropriations Committee of Virginia
The Honorable Hunter B. Andrews
Senator & Chairman
Senate Finance Committee
State of Virginia
Ned Bittinger June Blackstock Loryn Brazier Loryn Brazier Loryn Brazier
Mrs James P. Coleman
Former First Lady of Mississippi
Old Capitol Museum, Jackson, Mississippi
Roy Estess, NASA, 4th Director
John C. Stennis Space Center
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
The Honorable James R. Thompson
Governor of Illinois, 1977-1991
President William Jefferson Clinton
The Honorable Jim Edgar
Governor of the State of Illinois, 1991-1999
Springfield, Illinois
Katherine Buchanan Katherine Buchanan William T. Chambers William T. Chambers William T. Chambers
The Honorable Frank Lewis O'Bannon
47th Governor of Illinois
Indiana State Capitol
The Honorable Evan Bayh
Governor of Indiana (1989-1997)
The Honorable Richard Lugar, Senator
Indiana Historical Society
Indianapolis, Indiana
President Ronald Reagan
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Michael Chelich Michael Chelich Michael Chelich Casey Childs Casey Childs
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Nelson Mandela
 President of South Africa,1994 to 1999
Nelson Mandela
 President of South Africa,1994 -1999
Nelson Mandela
 President of South Africa,1994 -1999
James D. Mason, Former Chairman
Georgia Ports Authority
Georgia Ports Authority Collection
Casey Childs Cyril Coetzee Cyril Coetzee Cyril Coetzee Sandra Colquitt
 The Honorable Malcolm MacLean
Former Mayor of Savannah, Georgia
The Honorable Samuel H. Smith
Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Pennsylvania State Capitol
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Tom Murphy
Speaker of the House
State of Georgia
The Honorable Mrs. Pamela Harriman
U.S. Ambassador to France
First Lady Lady Bird Johnson
Reception Center of the Lyndon B. Johnson National Park
Sandra Colquitt Ellen Cooper Melissa Crawford Mary Villon de Benveniste Mary Villon de Benveniste
Former President George H. Bush & wife Barbara
George Bush Library, College Station, Texas
Jack Warner, U.S. Senator from Virginia
August William Ritter, 41st Governor
State of Colorado, 2007 - 2011
Senator Melvin Martinez
Secretary of HUD
Andrew Cuomo
56th Govenor of New York
Mary Villon de Benveniste John de la Vega Judith Dickinson Daniel Duffy Daniel Duffy
Alphonso Jackson
13th United States Secretary
Housing & Urban Development
Congressman James M. Collins
Baylor University Medical Center
Dallas, Texas
Mrs. Ban Soon-taek
Wife of U.N. Sect'y-Gen'l Ban Ki-moon
Ban Family Collection
 New York, New York
Study for portrait of President Ronald Reagan
Dr. Walter Massey, Former Director
National Science Foundation
Daniel Duffy Susan Boone Durkee Susan Boone Durkee Susan Boone Durkee Virgil Elliott
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
Eva Galambos, Mayor
Sandy Springs, Georgia
The Honorable Col. Donald Ethell
17th Lt. Governor of Alberta, Canada
The Honourable James Dunsmuir
Lt. Governor of BC 2001-2007
The Honourable Steven L. Point
28th Lt. Governor of BC
Government House, Victoria, Canada
Kerri Gibbs Lisa Gleim David Goatley David Goatley David Goatley
Michael Huffington
American politician
LGBT activist & film producer
Congressman Benjamin Gilman
U.S. Representative from New York
Louis Stokes
U.S. Congressman
State of Ohio
Mayor Edward G. Rendell
Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lieutenant Governor Mark S. Singel
State of Pennsylvania
Adrian Gottlieb Cynthia Harris-Pagano Robert Hartshorn Garth Herrick Garth Herrick
President George H. W. Bush
Congressman Ander Crenshaw
Florida 4th Congressional District
Former President, Florida Senate
Columba Bush
Former First Lady of Florida
Florida House, Washington, D.C.
Toni Jennings, First Woman President
Florida Senate, Tallahassee, Florida
Governor Roy E. Barnes
Official Portrait
State Capital of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Scott Wallace Johnston Ann Manry Kenyon Ann Manry Kenyon Ann Manry Kenyon Carol Baxter Kirby
Governor Roy E. Barne
University of Georgia School of Law
Athens, Georgia
The Honorable Eric Holder
U.S. Attorney General
Washington, D.C.
 President William Jefferson Clinton
Official White House portrait
Washington, D.C.
The Honorable Mario Cuomo
New York Governor 1983 - 1994
Capitol Hall of Governors
Albany, New York
Congressman Nick Rahall
U.S. Representative from West Virginia
Carol Baxter Kirby Simmie Knox Simmie Knox Simmie Knox Bart Lindstrom
General Colin Powell
Former Secretary of State
Sam Fox
U.S. Ambassador to Belgium 2007-2009
The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Senator
Wee Kim Wee
Former President of Singapore
David Marshall
Former Chief Minister
Bart Lindstrom Ying-He Liu Heather Marcus Lei Q. Min Lei Q. Min
Devan Nair
Malaysian & Singaporean politician
3rd President of Singapore
Senator Bill Frist
Office of the Republican Majority Leader
United States Capitol Building
Washington, D.C.
Senator Bill Frist
Official Majority Leader Portrait
Leadership Portrait Collection
United States Senate
United States Capitol Building
Washington, D.C.
Charles Rivkin
United States Ambassador to France
Collection of the United States Embassy
Paris, France
Roy M. Goodman
New York State Senator
Lei Q. Min Michael Shane Neal Michael Shane Neal Michael Shane Neal Raymond Olivere
Edward Shetzler
Former Fire Chief
Odessa Fire Company
Governor Sonny & Mary Perdue
Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia
Michael Bowers
Georgia Attorney General
University of Georgia Law School
Athens, Georgia
The Honorable Griffin Bell
Former U.S. Attorney General
Mercer University, Macon, Georgia
The Honorable Kenny C. Quinn
Governor, State of Nevada
Official portrait to hang in State Capitol
Linda Harris Reynolds Rossin Rossin Rossin Michele Rushworth
The Honorable Gary Locke, Former Governor
State of Washington
Official portrait to hang in State Capitol
The Honorable Christine Gregoire
Governor, State of Washington
State Capitol Building, Olympia, WA
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Janet Napolitano
21st Governor of Arizona
Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security
President, University of California
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Michele Rushworth Michele Rushworth Nanybel Salazar Chris Saper Chris Saper
George Ryoichi Ariyoshi 
Governor of Hawaii 1974 - 1986 
State Foundation on Culture & the Arts
Former President Gerald R. Ford
 The Honorable David Hawker, MP
The Speaker 2004-2007
Parliament House of Australia
 The Honorable Nick Greiner, AC
Premier of NSW 1988-1992
Lucy Turnbull, AO
81st Lord Mayor of Sydney
Collection of the City of Sydney, Australia
Margaret Holland Sargent Margaret Holland Sargent Jiawei Shen Jiawei Shen Jiawei Shen
Senator Wendy Davis
Democratic candidate for Governor of Texas
Councillor Gilli Lewis-Lavender
Mayor of Merton, London, England
Tad Taube
President of the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life and Culture
Honorary Counsul for the Republic of Poland
Belmont, California
Richard Danzig
71st  U.S. Secretary of the Navy
Steve Beshear
61st Governor of Kentucky
Dorothy Sitka Johanna Spinks Zimou Tan Joy Thomas Joy Thomas
John Bryson
37th U.S. Secretary of Commerce
 Bob Graham, Former U.S. Senator from Florida
Kay Granger, U.S. Congresswoman from Texas
Congressman Ike Skelton
Democrat, Missouri 4th District
Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell, South Carolina
Joy Thomas Kevin Thomas Linda Vise Kerry Vosler John Seibels Walker
The Honorable Beverly Eaves Perdue
Governor of North Carolina
The Honorable Nikki Haley
116th Governor of South Carolina
The Honorable John Sununu
75th Governor of New Hampshire
Mitt Romney, Businessman &
70th Governor of Massachusetts
The Honorable & Mrs. Walter Peterson
Governor of New Hampshire
Franklin Pierce University
Rindge, New Hampshire
John Seibels Walker John Seibels Walker Richard Whitney, PhD.H Richard Whitney, PhD.H Richard Whitney, PhD.H
President William Jefferson Clinton
Ambassador Adrian Strickland
Member, Order of The Knights of Malta
Dr. George Hyzler
Former Acting President
Republic of Malta
Republic of Malton Ambassador Adrian Strickland
To The Kingdom of The Netherlands
The Honorable Peter Andrew Stewart Millike, PC OC
34th Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons
Cyd Wicker Elske Wilton Elske Wilton Elske Wilton Paul Wyse
John DeStefano, Jr.
Mayor of the City of New Haven
1994 - 2013
Gerald P. York

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