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Share your great finds with other artists. Just email me resources you are impressed with and I will feature them here. Please include a little info about why you like them.

In these tough economic times, I think many of us are looking for ways to increase our income, so let me unabashedly say that on some of these, I get a small cut if you order, but you have to come back here and click on my link EACH TIME you order, otherwise I don't get credit. Click the text link in the dialog below or go to the bottom of the page and click the banner of interest.

I've starred the ones where I get a commission. Regardless, you choose what is best for you. I have not included any sites here that I don't find valuable. —Cynthia Daniel

= I get a small commission. Thanks for your support!

Art Supplies – Very popular online resource for art supplies. – You probably know they have their own paint brand.

Jerry's Art Supplies - Also known as Jerry's Artarma. – They also have a large presence on the web.

Books or - This is the Stroke of Genius bookstore and is also available on every page of this site from the Art Books link. It is mainly based on books sold by - the granddaddy of bookstores. If you have not checked it out, I think you'll find it to be a treat. Hundreds of hours of research and image and data collection went into it — just organizing the books into a logical, hopefully east-to-follow format was a huge challenge and in the process, I got quite an art history education. Through the bookstore, I've also sold quite a number books by listed artists Chris Saper, Joy Thomas and Virgil Elliott, all of whom have best selling books. - The granddaddy of book sellers on the web. My bookstore is based on Amazon, but I get credit for any productsyou order from them, so use the Amazon search to find products. I see they now have a buy-back program on books. - If you're looking for a hard-to-find out-of-print book, try here. They also sell new books. - Also carries used books and they will buy your book back from you.

Mailing Lists –"I use MailChimp and have never paid a fee." —Cynthia Daniel

"I signed up for MailChimp, but have not used it yet for a mailing. It appears that up to a certain number of mailings / recipients, it is free and the number is probably larger than I will ever use. I use Thunderbird mail and I was able to export my contacts to a file that I then easily imported into MailChimp." —Cynthia Daniel – Numerous artists are using this, but no feedback so far. This site and MailChimp seem to be the most used. - "I chose iContact for my email newsletter because they have excellent online and in-person help." —Michele Rushworth – I have no input on this tool, except I see Michael Shane Neal is using it for his newsletter. —Cynthia Daniel

Printing, Printed Books & Portfolios – Used by Chris Saper to publish and sell various books. I am not familiar with Adobe Lightbox and Instagram that they mention, but they offer these as input options, as well as Word, perhaps others. Chris writes:

"I have used both Blurb and MyPublisher - both do a great job. Here is the link to my Blurb page and here is the link to the pricing page: small 7x7 softcover books start at $10.95. You set your own price for buyers, and every month Blurb sends you a check for the difference between the $10.95 (or whatever your base cost is) and your published price.

It's very reasonable to order books here - free software - all are print on demand. Minimum order is 1, so no need to carry any inventory. The author doesn't even have to get involved with purchases once the book is available. It's perfect for portfolios because they can be updated whenever you want, and you just take down the old portfolio if you wish.

I'm not sure about Adobe Lightbox, but Instagram is an photo app for iPhones." —Chris Saper – ". . . is also excellent - affiliated with Costco as well as independent. Also free software. I haven't used any MyPublisher books to sell, but just for portfolios. Here's the pricing page - very competitive. While you can share your book, it doesn't appear that there is a cost/markup/sales engine associated. I know people have had good results with Shutterfly – (see below) and there is an Apple/Mac version that is likewise excellent." —Chris Saper

iPhoto –"I used iPhoto on my Mac . . . hit the create tab and choose book." —Nanette Fluhr – I have not personally used them, but my daughter-in-law's sister created a baby book for my new granddaughter and it was very professional looking. I would definitely use them for albums based on what I saw. They offer a lot of print products besides albums and photos — promotional materials as well — magnets, key chains, mousepads, cards, invitations. —Cynthia Daniel – Recommended by artist Juan Martinez of Canada. He told me they have thicker business cards available compared to Vistaprint. —Cynthia Daniel

Miscellaneous Art Items & Prints – Some artists have supplemented their income by offering their art and other images reproduced on various media. You can see Tony Pro's store here.Cynthia Daniel

Transmitting Large Images – I personally use this both for business and personal. Images in folders do not expire. Could be used to upload a portrait for client approval. You get a large amount of free space and once you upload to a folder, you "share" with the other person's email address. —Cynthia Daniel - I've had several clients sent images with this, but I prefer The thing I don't like is there is a automatic expiration date assigned. —Cynthia Daniel

DIY Web Sites

Note: Please be careful regarding some of these below. Most are heavy on Flash and I've heard there are problems displaying Flash images on iPad, though I'm no expert on iPad and Flash..

I am potentially available on a consultanting basis to help wade through some of the technical aspects for those wanting to take a gander at creating and maintaining their own site. Also, I can help get you going on setting up PayPal buttons for your site. If you would like some GRAPHICS designed for use throughout, I am available for that too. – They've advertised on TV and are used by the Portrait Society of America. Chris Egnoski said she studied for a couple of evenings and was able to do maintenance on the site created by Lauren. But, be careful, they are very Flash oriented and I'm hearing that Flash is on the way out due to not displaying on iPhone and iPad. In fact, I have an artist right now asking me to redesign her site minus Flash since her images will not display on her iPad. It says "free," but no doubt that is just initially and there are charges for an ongoing site. —Cynthia Daniel – Apparently they are quite inexpensive, but they are also quite generic in terms of design. Nothing impresive even though a lot of artists use them. —Cynthia Daniel – Another Flash oriented self-design site. I do believe you can do a site here without Flash though. I saw one artist's apparently non-Flash site and it looked very nice. They say they have iPhone & iPad optimized websites, so maybe they have overcome the Flash / iPad issue. Also has PayPal integration for those who sell art or DVDs from their site. —Cynthia Daniel – Again, another Flash oriented self-design site. Shari Ford has an attractive site through them. —Cynthia Daniel

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