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"Camilla in Central Park"
Camilla Smith
in Central Park, New York City
Private family collection
San Francisco, California
Oil on linen 36" x 30"

"You have painted what I love: books, New York's, and the world's natural beauty, and, implicitly, people, since I have stopped reading to greet someone. And all of this has such meaning to us both since my husband and I met in Central Park." —Camilla Smith

"I was born in New York, and met my wife, Camilla, in Central Park, each just a short way from where Betsy Ashton placed us with her introspective portraits amidst the rich lines and color of trees, water, bridges, and the architectural parallax of background buildings. The lines of events and time are woven in Betsy's carefully executed style." —George D. Smith, Camilla's husband

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