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Planning the Portrait

The portrait is planned by discussing with the client the size and setting for the portrait. Some of the considerations include: impressions and personality of the subject, the ambiance of the home or office, dimensions of the area where the portrait will hang, and framing. Then a photography session planned.

The artist will paint drawings from photographs which have been approved by he artist. The delivery date is 2-3 months from the approval of the photographs. The artist can deliver a drawing within one-two weeks for an additional 20% added to the above prices.

Head and Shoulders $ 7,000.00
Half Figure $ 8,500.00
Three-Quarter Figure $12,500.00
Full Figure $15,000.00

Head and Shoulders $ 2,750.00
Three-Quarter Figure $9,000.00

Pencil or Sanguine Drawings
Head and Shoulders (life-size) $ 2,500.00
12"x 9" or 14" x 11" from approved photography $ 1,250.00

Pastel Pets
12" x 9" $ 1,250.00
18" x 14" (life-size) $ 2,250.00

All travel, lodging, framing taxes, when applicable, and shipping expenses are in addition to the above listed prices. Detailed interior and exterior backgrounds are an additional expense and quoted upon request. Sizes listed are approximate. Additional figures are less 25% regular figure price. For oils, the addition of a household pet starts at $1,500 and horses $2,500.


The artist requires one sitting, which involves the use of a digital camera. At this time, Ms. Banks will discuss the client's expectations for the portrait and begin shooting several photographs. The artist and client will work together in choosing which photograph(s) best reflect the likeness of the sitter(s). Ms, Banks requires final say on composition for artistic integrity. Commissions usually require 1 to 4 months from start to finish--this is dependent on the size and complexity of the portrait.

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