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All portraits are done in oil on canvas or linen.

Portrait cost is determined by the portion of the figure in the painting rather than the painting size. Portraits will be life size or under. (Except in special circumstances, larger than life size figures appear unnatural.)

Fees start at $8,500. Please contact the artist for details

*Additional Figures and Pets:
*For each additional figure in portrait, add 50% of cost of the first figure.
*For each pet in the portrait, add $800.
*For complex backgrounds, add $1,000.

Prices listed do not include frames. If the client wishes, the artist will be glad to assist in the frame selection.

Final Portrait Size
The artist will work with the client and make a recommendation on the size of the portrait, often based upon where the portrait will hang. The artist reserves the right to alter the size of the portrait slightly to enhance the composition of the portrait. This will not reflect a price change.

The artist works from a combination of photographs taken by her and sittings, if possible. She sometimes makes a compositional sketch or head study for the client before beginning. The cost of the photography is included in the listed price.

Travel and expenses are additional charges.

Payment Schedule
One-third payment deposit is requested with the signing of the contract and establishes a place on the artist's waiting list. An additional one-third is requested when work begins and the final one-third, plus the tax on the whole, is paid at the time of delivery. You will receive statements as these payments come due.