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(1) The Approach

You can...

• contact artists directly through their pages featured on this site OR

• you can ask our help in selecting an artist by filling out the form below or contact us at 727-738-1688.

It avoids confusion to choose one method or the other. However, if you've already contacted some artists and would still like help, please let us know in the proper place in the form below which artists you have contacted. If you have any questions regarding this, please inquire.

(2) The Price

It's difficult in a short paragraph to give an overview of all the fees on this site, but as a general guide, a 3/4 figure oil painting could run from $5,000-35,000, with a few artists being a bit lower. The starting fees for most of the artists on this site are over $2,000 for a head and shoulders painting in oil, though there may be a few lower. There is a better chance of finding a price below $2,000 if you want charcoal or graphite. We do have contact with some artists in the lower ranges who are not on this site, so you can still submit, but realize that research will take longer and there is less chance of finding someone for you. Before you fill out the form below, you might want to take a look at the Locations & Fees Index to familiarize yourself with some of the fees.

(3) Other Options

We also represent some of the artists that are not on this site. Some are lower in price and some are are in the top dollar range. The top dollar fees are up to $135,000 for a single figure. Please feel free to contact us regarding these artists.

The more information you provide, the better we can assist you.

The Portrait

Type of portrait(s)   Official (will be displayed in a public place or corporation) Personal
Number of subjects   1 2 3 4 5
The figure   Head & Shoulders 3/4 Figure  (includes hands) Full figure Not sure
Background   Simple Interior Outdoor Not sure
Preferred medium   Oil Pastel Watercolor   Drawing Not sure
Your budget range   Please include a figure(s) so we can provide the best assistance.
Subject(s) and/or
description of the
portrait. Let us know
if this is needed for a particular date
or occasion.

If you have already
contacted artists, include
their names whether
on this site or not.

Your Information
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Your title if applicable  
Company or Institution  
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