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Eva Strauss-Rosen
Willits, CA
Fee range: $2,000-$12,000


About the Artist

Eva Strauss-Rosen (b. Copenhagen, 1948) was through upbringing and environment introduced to art. It was an integral part of her families life. However, the tradition, as laid town in the Academies of Europe, is followed under guidance of a master artist, and rarely achieved by individual study. Eva’s first introduction to formal training was Machon Avni, Art Institute in Tel Aviv. 1979. Due to demands of the physical existence, she changed path becoming a jeweler through studies at Bezalel School of Art, Jerusalem and thereafter adding the skills of a diamond setter. First challenge was as an independent designer for Eliav Jewelry, King David Hotel, Jerusalem. in 1984 Eva moved to northern California, where she continued with her own line of Judaica jewelry, created in gold and precious stones. Viewed at: hamsa.com. Her desire to paint, persisted and has been Eva’s sole interest since 2006.

Achieving excellence, through guidance of master teachers, became possible in 2013 with a move to San Francisco. A path was now available through the atelier movement, following in the shadow of the old masters. It was difficult letting go of an already strong ego and absorb instructions of a teacher, among them: Sadie Valerie Atelier, Justin Hess Studio, BACAA with Noah Buchanan. Ecorché, and human anatomy at GGA, Golden Gate Academy, with Andrew Ameral. As Eva’s work is maturing, her style of portraiture is gaining recognition as works of art with lasting value.

Eva currently works and resides in San Francisco.

Portrait Fees
  Size Drawings Oil on Panel
Head & Shoulder 10 x 8 $2,000 $4,000
Head & Shoulder 12 x 9 $2,400 $5,000
Half Figure with Hands 14 x 11 $2,600 $6,000
Half Figure with Hands 20 x 16 $3,000 $8,000
Three-Quarter Figure 24 x 20   $10,000
Full Figure 40 x 30   $12,000

Fees do not include framing, applicable sales taxes, or travel and shipping expenses. Preliminary costs, such as travel, are billed when incurred, and a non-refundable deposit of 30% is due when the painting begins. The balance is due upon final approval and acceptance of the portrait. The artist will be happy to assist with framing. If you wish to create this portrait to an existing frame, this is a very acceptable option.

Sizes and fees are approximate and will be adjusted based on number of subjects, and complexity of background. Elaborate interiors or landscapes will be additional cost, ranging from $500 to $2500. Otherwise a simple background will be executed.

For each additional figure, add 75% of initial fee. Second additional add 50%. Discounts are available for large families (6+). For pets, add 25% per pet.

Individual pet portraits are available upon request – please contact the artist for a quote. You might be surprised, I would love to do pet portraits. It be dog, cat or hamster. Think Albrecht Durer and the exquisite rendering of a rabbit!

Commission sizes larger than the above sizes, will be discussed with each individual request.

Eva will deliver the finished painting, as soon as possible.

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