Margaret Holland Sargent  
portrait, portrait artists

portrait, portrait artists

portrait, portrait artists

  • Mary Maxwell Gates' official portrait to hang
    at the University of Washington, Seattle
  • Mary Maxwell Gates' portrait installed at Mary
    Gates' Hall, University of Washington, Seattle
  • Margaret Sargent painting President
    Gerald R. Ford for Time magazine
  • Margaret Sargent presents her portrait of
    Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski, U.S.N.
  • Unveiling of portrait of James K.
    Hahn, 40th mayor of Los Angeles
  • Margaret Holland Sargent and General
    Michael S. Davison, Ft. Meyer, Virginia
  • Margaret Sargent presents her portrait
    of Rear Admiral James R. Stark, U.S.N.
  • Rear Admiral Jacob Shuford and Margaret
    Sargent at the unveiling of his portrait
  • Reproduction presented to Dr. Robert Bray at 2005
    Tennessee Williams Festival & featured on the Annual Review
  • Margaret Holland Sargent with Mary Tyler Moore
    at unveiling of portrait of George Tyler Moore
  • Margaret Sargent with Mrs. Walser S. Greathouse
    Director, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, 1971 exhibit
  • Council of Leading American Portrait
    Painters National Exhibition, 1996
  • Unveiling of portrait of Fran Golden
  • Steve Doherty, editor of American Artist
    magazine, visits Meg Sargent's studio
  • Portrait of Kenneth Dean Sargent
  • Portrait unveiling of Nan M. Harmon
    with her horse "Third Wheel"
  • Margaret Sargent in her Los Angeles
    studio surrounded by her portraits
  • Margaret Sargent's north light studio; Rear
    Admiral James R. Stark portrait on the easel
  • Margaret Holland Sargent in her studio working on
    the portrait of General (ret.) & Mrs. Volney F. Warner
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portrait, portrait artists

portrait, portrait artists

portrait, portrait artists


Los Angeles portrait artist Margaret "Meg" Holland Sargent has painted many family portraits,
and subjects in numerous professions, including military, politics, film, academia & medicine.

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