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Working Procedure

My procedure in executing a portrait is varied and flexible, depending on the needs and availability of the subject. Generally, my first meeting with the client focuses on establishing the basic requirements of the portrait. Is it to be formal or informal? Is it to have a plain background or environment? Should the environment be indoor or outdoor? What size will the portrait be, and where will it be hung? Once these basics are established, we can move on to bringing the portrait to life!

The next step is to determine the subject's attire, precise setting, props, lighting and basic composition of the painting. I usually take many photos at this stage, and try various poses and lighting. The photos allow me to record details, and share with the sitter (via digital images) how they look from my viewpoint. Once we have settled on a pleasing pose and lighting, I then request the subject sit for an initial study drawing, either in graphite or charcoal. This initial sitting usually requires two or three hours. I then work up a compositional drawing and small color studies, using the photographs and the study drawing as reference. The client is welcome to view these for approval if desired. I then block in the drawing on the final canvas. Ideally the subject would then pose for additional sittings, usually three to five hours each, until the portrait is complete.

I much prefer to work from life, as it not only allows me to see the colors and subtleties of the subjects face better than a photo, but also allows me to better know and convey who the subject is. I understand that this is not always possible, or convenient for the sitter, so I can work to a greater or lesser degree from photo reference as the situation requires. This is especially a consideration with very young children. However, a minimum of two sessions is best.

A deposit of 50% of the commission is due upon signing of the portrait contract. Final payment is due upon delivery of the finished portrait. My oil portraits are painted on quality Belgian linen, using professional grade oil and archival techniques. Every effort is made to assure your satisfaction, and that your portrait will be a lasting work of art.


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