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Artists of the Past on the Web

Museums - Visit Stroke of Genius' collection of museums, including the National Portrait Gallery.

Art Renewal Center - Don't miss this one! A wonderful site to study classical art! Sponsored by art collector Fred Ross who was previously on the ASOPA Advisory Board and was featured at the 2001 ASOPA Portrait Arts Festival.

Carol Jackson Presents - Probably the largest collection of art throughout history on the web. You'll wish she showed a single thumbnail next to the artist's name in the index so you had an idea what type of work they did. But, she's done a massive undertaking and is highly commended.

Zorn Museum - Anders Zorn books are sold in the Museum Shop! If you're not familiar with the works of this wonderful artist, he's a portrait artist favorite and you're in for a wonderful treat.

Anders Zorn, the Complete Works - Amazing index of links to fabulous artist sites on the web.

About Johannes Vermeer Art

Art Auctions

Sothebys and Christie's - Nothing more needs to be said.

Dorotheum - Leading auction house in Vienna, Austria. I've had the good fortune to visit there personally when I managed portrait painter Robert Schoeller; a wonderful experience!

Weschler's Auctioneers & Appraisers - Incredible site showing prices of auctioned art works from some of the top auction houses. You'll be amazed what you can find there. Search for some of today's contemporaries, such as Burt Silverman, David Leffel and John Howard Sanden as well as Masters of the past.

Physical Galleries of Note

Altermann Galleries - Established in 1978, Altermann is a nationally recognized gallery that deals primarily in 19th, 20th, and 21st century American Art with an emphasis in Western, wildlife, figurative, still life, landscape, impressionism and outdoor sculpture." (has handled some of David Leffel's work).

Spanierman Gallery - "The Gallery is distinguished for its scholarship and actively supports research in American art. In addition, Ira Spanierman is currently co-author on three forthcoming catalogue raisonnés, on the art of American Impressionists, John Henry Twachtman, Theodore Robinson, and Willard Metcalf. Mr. Spanierman is also sponsoring the Lloyd Goodrich, Edith Havens Goodrich, and Whitney Museum of American Art catalogue raisonné of the work of Winslow Homer."

Adelson Galleries - Following is their description: "We specialize in the American Impressionists, with emphasis on the works of "the Ten," including Frank Benson, William Merritt Chase, Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Childe Hassam, Theodore Robinson, Edmund Tarbell, and "the Eight," including William Glackens, Maurice Prendergast, John Sloan and George Bellows. We especially emphasize the works of Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent, whose output we are recording in two catalogue raisonné projects. Our interests also include the Hudson River School, the Luminists, still life painting, and academic figurative painting of the turn of the century."

Eleanor Ettinger Gallery - Many great artists including Gregg Kreutz.

Berry-Hill Galleries - Berry Hill Galleries specializes in 18th, 19th, and early 20th Century American paintings and sculpture. Areas of expertise include Colonial painting, Genre painting, the Hudson River School, Impressionist painting, the Expatriates, Still Life and Trompe l'oeil painting, the Ashcan group, Western paintings, and early Modernism.

McTara Gallery - Online gallery which handles Kirk Richards and William Whitaker.

Other Wonderful Links An amazing, cohesive collection of Russian History websites of the last Czar Nicholas. Hours of feasts for the eyes.
Artist's Magazine - A great site and wonderful information, more than just what's in the magazine. A top art site with deep content.
New York Geneological and Biographical Society Portrait Collection - Some good portraits of Presidents and others.

Political Portraits

Some portrait scans on the pages below are very inferior, but these links are still educational. One of the worst is the portrait of Frances Cleveland by Anders Zorn mentioned below in Portraits at A gorgeous portrait, but I'm afraid they've butchered it. Some portrait's shown don't even give the artists name!

Also, just because you've visited one site about presidential portraits, don't limit yourself by not checking the other links listed. Often there is more than one official portrait painted for a former president.

Portraits of the Presidents from the National Portrait Gallery - Artists are credited, but the images are unfortunately small.

Presidential Portraits at the White House - No artist credits.

Tour the White House Entrance and Cross Halls for Presidential portraits by portrait artist names you'll know.

Secretary of the Treasury Portrait Collection - Lot's of Kinstlers.

Commanding Generals and Chiefs of Staff -
     Three portraits featured are by artists on Stroke of Genius:
  Portraits by other known artists of today:
  • Portrait of Adna Romanza Chaffee and John Coalter Bates are by Cedric Baldwin Egeli.
  • Maxwell Davenport Taylor, Lyman Louis Lemnitzer and Frederick Carlton Weyand are by Bjorn Peter Egeli.
  • William Childs Westmoreland, Bruce Palmer, Jr. and Creighton Williams Abrams, Jr. are by Herbert Elmer Abrams.
  • Edward Charles Meyer is by by Everett Raymond Kinstler.

Florida Governor's Portraits - For those that know Ed Jonas, the portrait of Kenneth McKay is by him. A revamp of the site brought quality image reproductios, but they lost the artist's credits.
California Governor's Portraits - No artist credits
Connecticut Governor's Portraits
Maryland Governor's Portraits - Unfortunately, the portraits are in black and white and cropped. At least they did include the artist's name.
Indiana Governor's Portraits - Stroke of Genius' client Michael Chelich's portraits of governors Evan Bayh and Frank O'Bannon are featured here.
South Dakota Governor Portraits - Unfortunately, the scans are poor and no artist credit is given. Miller and Mickelson are by artist Richard R. Miller.
South Dakota Supreme Court Justices
Texas Governor's Portraits


These sites are listed in our framing section, but are worthy of particular note here.
Eli Wilner & Company - Check out the prices on this one! You'll wish you got that much for a portrait. A treat if only to view.
Julius Lowy Frame & Restoring
Gold Leaf Studios
Krieger-Ricks Master Framemakers

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